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Backpack Flags

A Must for Street Marketing!

3 Great Shapes! 


Complete kit includes custom back pack with pole mount and pole system.

3 Different shapes flag poles can be attached to the harness.

Flags can be single or double sided.


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Banner Flags
Banner Flags
Color Petal
ProWing Petal
Swooper Flag
Swooper Flag

Enjoy the Growing popularity of the ProWings®!  Waves and gets attention from afar and by all, increases sales with maximum visual impact for little floor space in and outdoors!          


ProWings® have become the most popular dynamic advertising medium used on sports events and point of purchase.  No electrical equipment needed, easy to transport and install, multiple formats and sizes!  Eco-friendly, washable graphics on textile can be replaced and recycled for next promotions without having to replace the entire kit again.