NEW Counter Flags & Banners

New Car Wing Window Flags !!

EXPRESSIONS is revealing the arrival of 15 New Counter Top displays.  Ranging from mini flags, to wing flags and banners; these counter top displays deliver big results. Great for tradeshows, conferences, retail storefronts, restaurants, bars, café environments or product presentations.

They are small, travel well and fit just about anywhere while still packing an impressive advertising punch and stimulate sales and interest in otherwise non-usable space.  Find out more!

Car window flag

The New Car Wing Flag!  

Great Visual Effects and perfect to get the attention needed!

The Wing Flags are now also for Car Lots!  Better than standard car flags as they can be removed for test drives without lowering the windows and they fly without wind Plus rotate with the wind creating amasing visual effects when in the row.  Find out more about Car Wing Flags!


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Custom Solutions for:

  • Point of sale
  • Trade shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Hotel decorations
  • Indoor and outdoor advertising
  • Events
  • Store decorations / Sales
  • Wedding decoration
  • Elections
  • Architectural designs 

Products Include:

  • Flags
  • Banners
  • Kakemonos
  • Guarlands
  • Wing Flags
  • Logo Mats
  • Tents & Canopies
  • Hanging Displays
  • Displays

Products Include:

  • Swooper Flags
  • Blade Flags
  • Feather Flags
  • Deco Promo Prints
  • Tablecloths
  • Curtains
  • Car Flags
  • Parasols & Umbrellas
  • Inflatables
  • Advertising Objects
  • Adhesives
  • Chairs
  • Small Print Format
  • POP Show Displays
  • Wave Displays
  • Fabric Walls
  • Pop Screen A-Frames
  • Desk Flags

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