Banners are a low cost and easy to use traditional message carrier with multiple purposes like promotions, event branding, to define race courses, wrap fences and more.  For advertising campaigns, product promotions, sport and cultural events, ski slopes, bike races, beach events, delimitations, fence wrap, across streets...

Expressions can print any size vinyle PVC, Textile, stretch banners and kakemonos on rolls or mounted on structures.



Vinyl PVC, Textile or non-woven Banners, Single ou Double sided, Digital or Screen printed.

All sizes, quantities and finished !

Contact our Experts for the best solutions for your projects and promotions.

Vertical banners


Vertical Banners!

Great for advertising, hangs easy and takes minimum space in point of sale areas, musuems, stadiums, gyms, trade shows.


Non-Woven & AirTex Banners


Needs long runs of baricade banners for events and to create track sections?

Try our new AirTex Banners.  They are visible both sides, easier to use and stretch as well as to carry!  Made out of polyester fabric, they are easy to recycle!

Rubalise ruban balisage


For all events, manifestations, celegrations, security.  The most economical and practical way to screate courses and set crowd control in place!

Used for construction, law enforcement, safety, painting, mining, sports..


Beach Screens


Econimcal product!

Easy to use and transport!  Super use on Slopes, Beaches, Events as it does not need anything to tie to. 

P{op-Screen / A-Frame


Super practical couble sided banners that sets up in seconds and folds up flat and easy to store!  Very durable and worry free with ground spikes.

Street Avenue Banners


Auto dealers, Main streets, Events, Holiday decoration...

Great visibility and economical kits to mount vertical banners where they are seen! 

Banners can be of PVC Vinyl or Fabric.

Vertical Banner Flag



Ideal for indoor, POP and outdoor events like trade show. No need of wind to be fully seen high above the rest!

Contact the Expressions Team of Export to give you all the advise needed for your events and banner needs!


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