Resellers / Distributors

Reserved for Printing, Communication, Marketing & Event companies.

Reserve pour Imprimeurs et Societes de Communication / Evenementiel. 

US/UK Advantages:

  •  Reach more clients!
  •  We'll give you new clients!
  •  Add on sales with Expressions Products!
  •  We'll even do the designing!
  •  Reserved territories!
  •  We drop ship anywhere!


Get a commission on all sales!  Even if you did not send us the client, if in your territory, you get a commission!  We will also send You all the orders for the potential clients to meet You and increase your client base and sales.


No time to learn about the products?  We will incorporate logos and artwork, advise you and clients on the best product to sue for their need, help you make the sale.


ASk us for Distributor pricing.


Contact us to find out more.

FR Avantages:

  •  Commissions sur tous les contacts!
  •  Agrandissez votre gamme avec Expressions!
  •  Nous vous donnerons des clients!
  •  Creation graphique!
  •  Reserve de Territoire!
  •  Envoi partout dans le monde!
  •  Tarifs revendeurs et pubilc!
  •  Devis sur mesure sous 24 heures!


Contactez nous pour vous enregistrer!

1 Applies to shipping within United States. Information about shipping policies for other countries can be found here: Payment and Delivery Information
2 Not including tax