Handing Display Fabric

hanging display trade show system

Hanging Banner is a must have if you want to get noticed. 


These extra large hanging banners are produced from high quality fabric and enables your booth to be seen from practically anywhere at your trade show. 


Available in round, square, triangle and derived configurations and numerous sizes, the is Hanging Banner that will fit your needs.


Includes soft carry case bag.  4 to 10 business days turnaround time on average.

Marketing Note: In a visual marketing bazaar such as trade fairs and conventions, every visit to your trade show booth leads to a buildup of pre-conceived notion. That notion is carried on to every subsequent encounter that your clients might have with your products and/or your services.  Be very purposeful as to how you want your brand to be perceived.  If you walk into a trade show exhibit of clutter, confusion and the mundane, the products and services will be perceived as such.  On the other hand, if you walk into a space of elegance, simplicity and controlled light, you are in a perceptual space of high technology and smart efficiency.  You see, simplicity and complexity are mutually dependent.  Because technology only continues to grow more complex, there is a massive economic and emotional advantage to present it in a simple and humanized space.


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