Flags are always in motion to get attention and increase retail traffic, at events, product promotion and to support your favorite teams.  


PRO-WING BLADES, PETALS, BANNERS use the same poles and all of our formats use the same bases. 

From one piece to many. Digital or Screen printed. Multiple sizes and shapes as well as bases for all settings. NO Set-up or Technical fee added.



These little wing flags are ideal for point of purchase advertising, island displays and trade show.


ColorWing Petal Teardrop flag



Petal or Tear drop flags that have all the advantages of Wing flags plus always stray visible!




Create The Custom Shape that will better fit your Design, Logo and make a certain impact!

ASk us how!

NEW !!



The brainstorm when a banner meets a wing flags!

All the action of a Wing Flags with double sided printing visibility!

ProWing Flags, WinFlag



From one piece to many. Digital or Screen printed. Multiple sizes and shapes as well as bases for all settings.

ShowWing T-Flag


Rectangular flags that does not need wind to be seen.

Wedding Event Flag



One long rectangular wing on a straight pole.


Ideal for windy areas!

Swooper Flags


Over 300 Ready to use & Tested Designs for all occasions and events! 

Look at our catalogue and call. or email us immediately. We will be more than happy to assist you with your custom needs and designs.  


Great Prices and Extended Design Stock!

Giant Mundo Flag and Poles



Giant Wind Dancers are complete with carry along capabilities, consisting of the grandest format quality. Complete indoor and outdoor flag display solutions available upon request.  

Wedding Event Flag



Great Decor's and Backdrops!

Ideal to create backdrops, set an environment, project colors.

Unicolor or custom colors.

Rental available.



A Must for Street Marketing !!



Find out about all the bases and other options available for your Pro-Wing Flags like Custom Base covers.

Thanks for technological advancements, performant material and human experience, the Expressions Teams can advise and provide image solutions for the perfect, practical and renewable impact desired.   Expressions provides solutions for your shows, events, retail spaces, and other printing needs.  Custom textile eco-printing is our specialty but we also have the ability to print on multiple flexible and hard substrates.  From one to multiple pieces with the ability to screenprint and digitaly eco-print on textile without seams up to 10 feet wide and vinyls up to 15 feet wide.  

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